Budget 2023: A Green Economy

Today, the world’s major economies are moving at an unprecedented pace to fight climate change, retool their economies, and build the net-zero industries of tomorrow. Budget 2023 investments in abundant and low-cost clean electricity will underpin other investments needed to create hundreds of thousands of middle class jobs, provide the energy that will power our daily lives and the entire Canadian economy, and provide more affordable energy to millions upon millions of Canadian homes.

Our made-in-Canada plan is underpinned by a new federal toolkit for investing in the clean economy: a set of clear and predictable investment tax credits, low-cost strategic financing, and targeted investments and programming, where necessary, to respond to the unique needs of sectors or projects of national economic significance.

By making significant investments to ensure Canada does not fall behind at this moment of profound global economic upheaval—and opportunity—Budget 2023 is ensuring a clean Canadian economy can deliver prosperity, middle class jobs, and more vibrant communities across Canada.

Budget priorities are:

  • Electrification
  • Clean Energy
  • Clean Manufacturing
  • Emissions Reduction
  • Critical Minerals
  • Infrastructure
  • Electric Vehicle & Batteries
  • Major Projects

Source: budget.canada.ca