Budget 2023: Healthcare

In Ontario we want to know what the federal budget will do for Healthcare run by the province?

To ensure Canadians receive the care they deserve and need, Budget 2023 delivers an urgent, needed investment to strengthen our public health care system.

To strengthen Canada’s universal public health care system, Budget 2023 delivers $198.3 billion to reduce backlogs, expand access to family health services and ensure provinces and territories can provide the high quality and timely health care Canadians expect and deserve.

This includes $46.2 billion in new funding to provinces and territories through new Canada Health Transfer measures, as well as tailored bilateral agreements to meet the needs of each province and territory, personal support worker wage support, and a Territorial Health Investment Fund.

This funding is to be used to improve and enhance the health care Canadians receive, and is not to be used by provinces and territories in place of their planned health care spending.

In addition, the federal government will also work with Indigenous partners to provide additional support for Indigenous health priorities by providing $2 billion over ten years, which will be distributed on a distinctions basis through the Indigenous Health Equity Fund.

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Source: budget.canada.ca